UA Girls' Futbolista Pant - Navy

$ 45.00

The Under Armour AllSeasonGear Women’s Futbolista Pants were created specifically for soccer because of their tapered leg, bottom zipper, and AllSeasonGear technology. The knit warm-up pants are comfortable and casual enough to wear not only for training purposes, but also day-to-day activities.

The pants have a loose fit through the thigh and hip area, then tapered in the calf area for a more fitted pant leg, and lastly a bottom zipper to make them tight at the ankles as well. The bottom zipper allows players wearing cleats an easy and quick way to take them off. The loose fit in the thigh makes moving in them effortless, while the tapered pant leg keeps the pants out of the way while training. They also are equipped with an open pocket with no zippers, which allows the wearer to quickly access items in their pockets.

Available in sizes Small - XLarge

Includes name and number on back